Why choose a progressive web app for web development?

Are you still wondering why to choose the Progressive web app?

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Progressive web app or PWA, in short, is a type of mobile app delivered through the web, they are built using common web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, etc. They have gained popularity over the last few years, and many developers are considering developing PWAs rather than the native app. If you are thinking native apps development is still better, here are some reasons why you should consider developing a progressive web app.

Believe it or not, PWA is much cheaper to develop compared to native apps which require a lot of money, developer’s time and other resources. The cost of developing PWA is around 2000$ – 4000$, compared with the native apps which cost around 10000$ – 50000$ that too with just the basic feature. So if you are short on money you should consider developing PWA.

  • It works on any platform –

The problem with the native app is that you need to develop a separate app for separate platforms such as IOS, windows phone, or Android, whereas PWAs are coded to be used in a browser but can be installed on any phone. This saves you the hassle from making apps for different platforms as one PWA will work on all.

  • They are much responsive –

It is one of the reasons why it is gaining popularity with the people because it is much more responsive compared to native apps. The native app’s response time in loading sucks when the network is bad, but on the other hand, response time will still be pretty much the same with PWAs irrespective of the network.

  • They don’t need installation –

For anyone who uses a smartphone, they know downloading and installing an app isn’t their favorite thing to do while using their phones. PWAs need no installation, which saves the time of the people, which leads to people favoring PWAs compared to other native apps.

  • More and more people are using it –

Whether you believe it or not, more and more people are using it, and it is leading to more business. Apps such as Flipkart Lite, MakemyTrip, Go Ibibo, etc are doing much better than their native predecessors.

Though native apps still hold a large space in the app market, PWAs are giving a tough fight to break this stance. So these were some of the reasons why to choose a progressive web app by an app development company.

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