Hybrid Mobile app development offers the ease for web developers. They enjoy this privilege as they get to build only one app performing efficiently on several platforms namely, iOS, Windows, and Android. All this is possible with no additional effort.

There are also several advantages of the Hybrid mobile app development that includes it being the cost-effective development, offering access to a range of hardware/software capabilities and prospects. This has made hybrid app development a profitable venture.

The crucial matter in this entire process is that you need advanced and high-quality mobile app framework so that you build perfect hybrid applications. Thus, it means you have to select a perfect mobile framework wisely. There are many such hybrid Mobile app Frameworks presenting the best user experience, functionalities, and features. Here are 2 such popular frameworks:

 React Native

React native is an open source rising platform and is also regarded to be the Hybrid Mobile App Development future. Basically, it is based on JavaScript and so it allows you building a mobile app with JavaScript. Basically, it pays more attention to the app view part. The popular apps built using React Native include Facebook, UberEATS, Walmart, & Instagram etc.

Salient Features

  • Plentiful plugins
  • Really fast
  • Great response time
  • Less usage of memory
  • Compatible with Android & iPhone
  • Node.Js complete support
  • Powerful performance
  • Reusable components
  • Save developers time
  • React Native is purely open-source

Just write once and React Native UI components can be used on any existing app code.


Ionic is a favorite and popular framework on the hybrid mobile app development. This framework is a HTML 5 mobile app for development and is designed with UI elements in the native-style. It is used in building the hybrid mobile apps and the coolest thing about Iconic is that it has advanced features and that makes it adorable such as interactive paradigms, mobile components, typography, and extensible base theme.  All these put together makes the job easier and so the time and money is saves, making it a productive framework.

Salient Features

  • It has the advanced technologies expertise in namely HTML Angular JS. CSS or JavaScript components.
  • Wrapping the Angular Framework
  • Support for the Angular material design
  • The biggest advantage is that it is easily maintainable.
  • Convenient to read
  • Free and an open source
  • Easily scalable