How to master hybrid mobile app development in simple steps

Smartphone usage is with no doubt taking over almost every single day activities of humans. The convenient way of accessing and surfing the net on our mobile phones cannot be neglected. Coming along with the rapid need of getting connected to the internet is the need for the creation of a browser. This can be categorized into two namely;

  1. Native Android app
  2. Hybrid mobile app

For the sake of this article, we would be discussing more on the hybrid mobile app.

Hybrid mobile app

This is basically an app developed using combinations of codes like HTML, java scripts etc. all now encompassed into the form of a native Android app. Developing a hybrid app is not something big as we will explain in simple 5 steps how to develop this app.

Gather the require tools

In developing a hybrid mobile app, for this method, you will be needing a JDK (java development kit), Android SDK, and android studio. The JDK is to be installed also, and make available Cordova CLI. You might need to find a way of accessing features available to the browser. This is necessary if you are developing a full HTML5 mobile application. After the installation of the listed software, run the command and install Android SDK tools.

Produce the first task

After installing CLI, create a task and using the CLI command, store all the task created in a folder. The Cordova task created or project needs a platform to ensure it runs smoothly. You can use a framework like the HTML5 for a mobile application like this. Animations, views, etc. can be created using JQuery. And you can also hide or show content using that same software.

App test run

Before test running, you need to add your website, click and edit HTML in order to see and add content. After this, you can now test your application using a browser. For HTML5, you can use some other ways to directly test your app.

Use PhoneGap to wrap your hybrid mobile app into the form of a native app. When you do this, the self-made app is shown to its users on Android in the web view.

After finishing your app and test running it, you can then sign into google for the uploading of your app. You must have first wrapped up your app into a native app form before uploading.

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