How to Create a Successful Ecommerce App For Your Business that Actually Work

If you are an entrepreneur or intend to be one, then you know that any business to be successful these days must necessarily have an app. Yes, apps are taking over the market and without them it is nearly impossible for any business to really take off.

Even more when it comes to e-commerce. The digital way of consumption grows more and more, and it is largely due to e-commerce apps that are a great and handy option for the final customer.

Several countries are growing a lot in the e-commerce sector and this is due mainly to the use of apps. But why is that? Because the apps as we have mentioned, add value through convenience.

In the past, malls were true shopping convenience centers, where in the same place you would find all kinds of product categories with comfort, safety and especially a variety of experiences that made the customer spend the whole day in that place.

But that has changed a lot with the internet, the malls also have several issues that many customers are not willing to face such as traffic jams, parking problems, but mainly higher values ​​due to the rents that the stores have to pay.

With this change, customers began to look for e-commerce as a cheaper, more convenient form of consumption and stores began to invest more and more in sales platforms.

The speed of purchase and key moments of consumption such as Black Friday, increased the demand of customers for convenience and ease at the time of purchase, hence the e-commerce platforms migrated to mobile apps.

The advancement and success of apps was so great that many e-commerce, especially small ones, were already born in mobile apps. Of course, the big retailers took the lead: Amazon, Apple, Google Play etc, are still the current the leaders in e-commerce sales.

But how can your company take off using apps? First, through the cell phone, you can personalize your customer’s journey, transforming their purchase into a unique experience.

Then, because having an e-commerce in the app brings some advantages versus having only the sites, the apps allow mass actions like the Black Friday itself generating a much higher purchase volume than when the user searches the site, access is 24 hours per day without stopping, the investment in the device is the customer’s own and so on…

But where do we start?

First, you will have to define if your business strategy is aligned with the use of an app, for example, hardly any product that is aimed at people from the countryside, or very low income will be efficient in an e-commerce app.

The target audience of e-commerce apps generally have at least average knowledge of computers and access to a smartphone.

Then the user must have confidence in buying with your app, this trust already comes from your e-commerce platform, hardly a customer who already trusts the image of a company will have suspicion of buying through their app.

With these variables in mind, you can start looking for a good ecommerce app development company, there many in the market these days. It’s really not an easy task to make an ecommerce app so getting help from professionals would be the best way to go.

Your app must be compatible with all smartphone software on the market, IOS (iphone), Android or Windows Phone, your app must be accessible to as many users as possible.

Any ecommerce app development will require some time, always make sure you verify the cost of making an ecommerce app beforehand, and reserve some times for it, the developers will take some time working on improving the app.

Sometimes when we walk in the shoes of an entrepreneur, we tend to forget the customer’s side, we must always try to put ourselves in their place, so when you have an app that is hard to navigate, with many functions and buttons that are confusing, the user tends to lose interest in staying in the app and your brand may lose a customer.

It is very important to have an easy to access, well-developed platform. Remember, when purchasing, the user will register all his bank information for payment and his address, often residential, for the delivery of the product. He needs to feel safe when buying through your app and this will happen more easily if the app is easy to handle.

If you have an item that you should seriously worry about before launching your e-commerce through the app, it is the privacy and security of your customers. Many apps including social networks are going through crisis originated from the leakage of their users information. This is very serious and should be avoided at all costs, mainly because it is a factor that can simply destroy your business.

Once created, tested and customized, your app needs digital marketing, needs disclosure, needs to be at your customers’ fingertips.

It’s not the time to save on your campaigns, it’s time for your app to be in every possible corner, appearing all the time and getting into the customer’s mind, after all your e-commerce needs to be necessary for the user.

Social networks are key at this point, because while browsing them, the customer will be facing a high volume of advertisement that can be very helpful.

SEO (search engineering optimization) and SEM (search engineering marketing) strategies must be highly explored and exhausted. SEO ensures that your e-commerce platform will appear on the first page when searching for a certain product, this is the research that should direct your customer to download the app to know and continue shopping.

SEM will be responsible for doing this, but more aggressively with paid advertising to appear all the time on social networks and any digital channels where your client is the target.

Finally, keep in mind that the apps are here to stay and are evolving more and more, with the possibility of integrating your app with your car and other devices, your customers will have more and more purchasing power in their hands.

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