Comparison between Angular vs. ReactJS

When it comes to the maintainability and durability of a website or application which is made with JavaScript, then most of the businesses look towards two of the major JavaScript frameworks which are Angular and React. So let’s walk you through the Comparison between Angular vs. ReactJS.

Basic information

The Google developers have developed AngularJS, whereas ReactJS was developed by the Facebook developers circle. AngularJS uses JavaScript and HTML for development, and ReactJS uses JSX. When it comes to the app architecture, then AngularJS leads because it supports the much popular MVC framework while React does not come with any significant framework.

Another essential feature of these frameworks is that AngularJS renders the client-side surfing, whereas ReactJS is for server-side rendering.

Testing the web app

If you know about the React Native, then you will know that Facebook has developed a testing tool named “Jest” to test the code of React projects. The exciting thing of Jest is that it is automatically configured with every React project so that you can check your code on the go.

However, AngularJS uses the Jasmine testing tool. It has been reported that Jasmine includes a lot of different ways to write the test cases and is more complicated as compared to Jest. Moreover, Jasmine gives you such results of testing which are not easy to understand thus, consuming a lot of time of the tester.

Things to take a note of

Learning ReactJS could be a challenging task for the people who have no prior experience with web development because ReactJS comes with the Flux architecture, and there is not much information regarding it on the internet.

The things which act as a hurdle for people when opting for the Angular web development company is its complexity and that it is a bit harder to learn. Moreover, since it provides the client-side rendering, therefore, developers need to spend a lot of time in making sure that no security flaw occurs in the website during the development stage.

Importance of JavaScript and its frameworks

JavaScript has great significance in the industry, and almost all the top websites and mobile applications are being developed with it due to which the developers are developing newer frameworks for it at a rapid rate. When it comes to AngularJS, and ReactJS then both act as a significant competitor for one another because both of these frameworks are being used at a higher ratio in the industry. According to the stats, AngularJS is being used by 25% of the developers; however, ReactJS has a higher usage ratio because it is being used by almost 55% of the developers. In terms of the popularity, the major tech sites have ranked AngularJS higher than ReactJS and have placed AngularJS on the second spot just below Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework, which is a top-notch web development framework.

Managing the state

When we talk about an application then basically we are talking about the different states of data transfer in an application. The state of an application is the thing that ensures that a website page remains up to date (updated data) therefore, whenever a modification occurs in the data then the UI components help in changing the state of the website.

Moreover, if you have heard the name of “Redux,” then it will be easier for you to understand that ReactJS uses it to maintain the state of a website. Whereas the AngularJS does not usually use Redux for state management unless the website becomes big. However, even if the website becomes large enough still, most of the AngularJS developers go with the MobX for state management because it is much more efficient and reliable than Redux.

Pros of both frameworks

The ReactJS comes with the Virtual DOM feature, which is also known as the Document Object Model, and this feature can be of great use if you are working on the large scale databases.

As we have discussed that ReactJS uses JSX, and the JSX contains such a JavaScript syntax that supports the rendering of subcomponents via HTML tags and this results in the production of such a code which is both efficient and machine-readable thus, improving the speed of execution.

Well, when we combine all the features of these frameworks, then we see that ReactJS is much faster, and more straightforward than the AngularJS because ReactJS involves more JS than AngularJS because AngularJS focuses on the capabilities of HTML, and JavaScript is more powerful than HTML.

The thing which gives AngularJS a significant advantage over ReactJS is that it supports the two-way data binding due to which the website response rate increases along with its efficiency. Because if you make any change in the model, it automatically renders the change on the front end.

AngularJS is also very well designed due to which it can be supported on all major, and latest web browsers. One of the most crucial thing which makes AngularJS widely used in the industry is that it has excellent support from the community developers who keep making AngularJS more efficient and reliable for the industry.

Mobile app development

You may have heard about the React Native framework; well, this framework is the extended form of the ReactJS, and it is specifically used for developing hybrid mobile apps. The React Native helps you in getting a reliable and beautiful mobile app. You can write your code in several programming languages such as Swift, Java, or Object-C.

On the other hand, there is not any specific framework for Angular mobile app development; however, a framework named “Ionic” has been designed which uses a Cordova container that comes with built-in Angular support. It has been seen that Ionic helps you in getting an excellent UI for a hybrid application, but the results show that the actual resultant app is not optimized and contains a lot of lagging.


Therefore, you have observed the Comparison between Angular vs. ReactJS. Now you can see that both frameworks have their own pros and cons, but the essential thing is that you can learn any of the frameworks to develop a great website. However, Angular is getting more popular.

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