5 things about a hybrid mobile app you may have not known

There are three types of mobile application namely hybrid applications, native applications, and web applications. So, we are here discussing hybrid mobile applications, moving on what are hybrid apps? Hybrid apps are the application that has elements of both native applications and web applications. These applications are written with web technologies like HTML, CSS etc. and runs on a device like native apps. These apps run inside a native container and use the browser engine of the device for rendering the HTML and processing the javascript locally. Hybrids apps are not as popular as other applications, so if you want to acquire knowledge about hybrid apps then read the text below:

Wide user base

These applications allow you to have access to a wider user base as these apps can be used in a wide range of devices. These applications can be used in all latest smartphones in both the platforms i.e., Apple ios and Android operating system.

Greater Profit margin

As the number of users would be greater relatively the developer would have a greater profit margin. As the app is compatible with both the platforms, the developer can opt for whatever monetization is best suited.  

Shorter development phase

Hybrid apps development has a shorter timeframe as compared to native app development. If you need to develop 2 native apps then you must need to develop one and then the other. Building 2 native app will simply increase your workload as you need to architect and refine the interface. Instead of making 2 native apps you can build a single native app which can be used in all the mobile devices from iOS to Android and even on windows and blackberry.

Less expensive to build and maintain

Hybrids apps are developed using simple mobile development frameworks in conjunction with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which have a lower development and maintenance cost whereas the native apps are developed using more complex languages like iOS SDK, Android SDK, Java and Objective C. 

More extensive QA testing and Integration Phase

The QA testing process is more extensive for hybrid apps as your application must be compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices. Firstly, the app is made compatible with android and ios platforms and then for another platform if required. The testing process is also complex in order to avoid glitches.

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