5 Go-to resources about hybrid mobile app

Developing a hybrid mobile app requires some web technologies. They include HTML, CSS, and javascript. The reason for this is to make a hybrid app browsable like every other website. Using these codes makes it possible to build an app that would function like a native programmed app and at the same users will not find out it’s a hybrid app. There are several resources to be consulted when it comes to hybrid mobile app development. For the sake of this article, we would be treating just 5 out of these resources.

  1. Phonegap
  2. Ionic framework
  3. Mobile Angular
  4. Native script
  5. Quasar
  1. Phonegap

This is one of the popular platform framework needed in the development of a hybrid app. This particular framework is the source distributor of Cordova framework. Once you have already existing skills in web development, you can easily use PhoneGap to create a hybrid mobile app through building with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. The ease of developing a hybrid mobile app has to do with only a single code needed. In case your web app needs access to the camera, GPS, etc. HTML5 makes it possible. With the help of Apache Cordova, every limitation that comes along with HTML5 would be resolved. Using PhoneGap resources, a lot of packages can be added by the developer to the app

  • Ionic framework

Ionic framework is another resource that makes provision for the tools and the services needed to develop a hybrid mobile app. Ionic framework makes it possible to build an app and make them available in app stores meant for native app makes it look like the hybrid app is a native app.

  • Mobile angular

This is another framework for hybrid mobile app basically for bootstrap and angular. This framework helps in getting the best of boostrap3 to build your HTML5 mobile app. Mobile angular UI is embedded with fastclick.js to experience a better and smooth app.

  • Native script

The native script has to do with JavaScript. If you are using this framework, then you have to use JavaScript or any other programming language that could change to JavaScript later. A good example is Typescript. Both Vue and Angular frameworks are supported by NativeScript through a plugin. One of the very good advantages of this resource is that app built using NativeScript framework operates fully like a native app.

  • Quasar

Quasar basically allows developers to write a single code that could be deployed at the same time. They allow code-splitting, HTML, cache busting, etc.

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