The mobile app development market is growing day by day. Every day a new app is coming, some is getting flopped while some become everyone’s apple of the eye. It all about the user experience cost involved and accessibility etc that help an app to win the market successfully.  In the same wave, a new trend has hit the market that is Hybrid Mobile Apps.  Further, in this article, we will deliberate how Hybrid Mobile App is going to remain in the trend for next year, where it will lie and so on.

Let’s go through a brief introduction of the hybrid app. This app is the collaboration between native apps and web apps. They can also be downloaded from app stores like a native app and they have  HTML embedded browser as a web app. They are built using HTML, CSS and javascript. It has developed great fondness among the mobile developer. There is numerous reason that is the testimony to its bright future.  Let it be its functionality without an internet connection or integration with the device file system, let’s explore the future of the hybrid mobile app.

Multi-OS support and one source code

Hybrid mobile apps can run in multiple operating systems. So it reduces the headache of small players with limited resources to develop the app that runs on Android, iOS and another operating system. They don’t need to hire multiple teams for the different operating system. This is a perfect choice for the small scale developers who are at the initial stage and driving to achieve something big.

Development time is less

Time is priceless and the development team doesn’t require comparatively more time as there is no need to develop for different platforms. Due to the reduction in the efforts and time required they will be more preferred and will stay in demand.

Distribution on the app store

A very few software provides a framework which looks like a native application and it enables it to be distributed readily. You can easily found it in various app stores. It is expected that the hybrid mobile app will dominate in the app store in upcoming days.

Online and offline access

It even gives a better experience to run the app without internet connectivity. The app which works offline is gaining a lot of popularly nowadays. This feature will definitely take hybrid mobile apps to a new height.