In hybrid app development, the app is much more flexible and can be developed in maximum profile, unlike the native app. The hybrid mobile app is developed by CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 and later it will be aligned with the features of the native app so that it remains compatible and function effectively. It is implanted in native applications using an application like Native script, Qt Creator etc. But this type of feature is not involved in a native app, apps are developed for a particular operating system with a native language.

User experience

On getting a new phone, we all check the apps which can be easily installed on our mobile phone. It’s obvious that we uninstall that every app which is not compatible or of no use. As discussed that in a native app, applications are developed for a particular platform whereas in hybrids app is built for the multiple platforms. Hybrids have common UI for all platforms. .

App performance

The time required for loading of a page matters much more for a smartphone user. The hybrid app doesn’t interact directly with the hardware. The code used in the app is executed by the platform such as Apache Cordova and then it addresses to the device hardware.

Integration and portability

Today, the location has become one of the major features of the mobile and also people love it to have a GPS system in their mobile. So GPS integration with the mobile app is done easily in the native apps. There is not much more readiness in the hybrid app. Here apps have to be adjusted according to the platform.

Hybrid apps are based on web technologies and media platforms like Kendo, Onsen, Cordova, and Ionic. These apps take more time which ultimately leads to the performance lag. This is one of the major flaws with the hybrid apps. It affects the user experience too.

User experience needs to be improved and it’s a bitter truth that hybrid apps are not as sharp as people are expecting it to be. It’s difficult for a user to engage the app multiple times. We expect it to tackle all ten flaws as soon as possible.

As you have gone through various points, now take your time and think before reaching to any conclusion.