In the past few years, the hybrid mobile industry has been struggling to flourish in the league of already present mobile apps development industries. It hasn’t been able to become successful in the past few years. The factors that are holding it back are Native Mobile Industry, developer’s confidence, Instant Updates, and Cross-Platform Compatibility. The Native Mobile Industry is the biggest challenge in this industry.

Native Mobile Industry:

The Native Mobile Industry the main thing that is holding back the hybrid industry. The Native Industry is an old industry for applications development. Now, react native is even more powerful than native application development having many powerful features and it has won developer’s confidence in very short time and it is not letting hybrid mobile industry to flourish. So, in order to compete with native mobile industry or react native, hybrid industry should add more features and should remove complexities.


Developers are the ones who determines the success and failure of some industry. This industry still hasn’t been able to win the developer’s confidence due to lack of some features and ease of development. The developers are just concerned with the ease for the completion of their task. Hybrid Mobile Industry is failing right now to provide full ease to the developers. They should work and do some targeted changes in order to remove the issues that are unable to win developer’s confidence. In this way, the developers will be able to switch to hybrid mobile industry once their issues are resolved.  

Cross Platform Compatibility:

Less Cross Platform Compatibility is also the one reason that is holding back this industry. Most of the other mobile development industries are providing very good cross platform compatibilities due to which hybrid industry hasn’t been able to stand out in the league of industries. Hybrid industry should be reformed in such a way that hybrid apps are able to provide better cross platform compatibility.   

Instant updates:

Instant updates are available in the real native. This means that we can get instant live updates but there is no such instant updates mechanism is available in hybrid industry. Therefore, we are unaware of updates in this industry. To conclude with, we can say that hybrid mobile industry still has to undergo very much struggles to become popular among the developers. Th issues which hybrid mobile industry are facing include Native Mobile Industry, developer’s confidence, less cross platform compatibility and no proper mechanism for updates.