Perhaps you are yet to understand what is meant by a hybrid mobile app, there is no way you can talk about the hybrid mobile app without mentioning native app. Although this article is about telling you the untold part of a hybrid mobile app but for clarification sake, it would be better to first differentiate these two (native and hybrid) from each other.

Major difference between hybrid and native app

A native app is the one written with the code of a specific platform and its usage is strictly restricted to that single platform. A developed app on Apple platform can only work on Apple product while an app developed using Android platform can only work on Android operating system devices.

But for hybrid mobile app, that is not the case. In the sense that mobile hybrid apps are built with codes flexible enough to fit into use on both Apple, and Android operating system and any other platform. But there are some few things no one is saying about hybrid mobile app.

Things you should know about hybrid app

  1. The hybrid app puts on the native form: Even though the programming language used in building a hybrid mobile app is different from the one used in building a native app, a hybrid app still works the same way native app would work. This is what is meant by hybrid app wears the cloth of native app.
  • Users cannot identify hybrid app: When using the hybrid app on your Android, for example, it can be hard for you to detect that such app is hybrid as they are built to work exactly like a native app on any platform you are running them.
  • A hybrid app is not suitable for 3D viewing web or for gaming. A hybrid app doesn’t move fast when it comes to gaming web or 3D experiences. It is better to use the native language because they pull faster.
  • The hybrid app saves cost: hybrid app really save cost, unlike the native app. The single code used in building these apps is one of the reasons for its low cost. So, building a hybrid app doesn’t require an expensive programmer or developer.
  • Testing made easy: due to their flexibility, a hybrid app is easily tested and they are easily improved.

What you should know about a hybrid app is that no one really cares about your programming language, what users care for is a great and wonderful app.