Over the past few years, after the sweep of Android and iOS for the smart device market and the huge growth in newly developed applications, the need to innovate a more modern and easier way to build small/medium applications has emerged. 

What is the Framework?

A term that is very well known in the world of application building in general and defined as a set of ready-made components that the developer uses to build its application. We do not need to start from scratch, reinvent the wheel, save time, effort and make the application more manageable.

What is Ionic?

Ionic is the open source Framework for Hybrid Mobile Apps, the most popular framework in this area because of its ease and the most important thing because it is very documenting.

What is the difference between AngularJs and Angular?

AngularJs is the first version of this framework but later and after the subsequent versions the name was changed to Angular, and the difference is not just in the label, but there is a huge difference between the first version AngularJS and the Angular versions in many things.

What are Single Page Web Applications (SPA)?

We mentioned that Angular is an interactive JavaScript framework for developing Single Page Apps, but what does this term mean? This means that the site looks like a desktop application so it is very fast, as when you move from one section to another on the site (or from page to page and say pages “metaphorically” because the site is actually one page but it is divided internally) Instantly because all the components of the site are loaded as a “pre-paid” payment, making the site fully loaded when you start browsing it.

What is Cordova’s environment?

Cordova is the bridge between the Ionic application and the operating system. It compiles your web application to make it work on mobile operating systems to look like a metaphor that acts as a run natively. Cordova also has hundreds of plugins that allow you to communicate with System such as camera, audio, and GPS to add more features to the application.

What do I need to learn about Ionic?

Pre-knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (very necessary).

Learn about the Angular framework (highly recommended).

Learn JavaScript-based TypeScript (highly recommended).

Knowledge of Object Programming Assets (OOP) (strongly recommended).

You can learn HTML, CSS, JS from the W3Schools site, Angular can be learned from its official site, and for TypeScript, it does not take time to learn if you know JavaScript.