GitHub Adds SBOM Export to Make it Easier to Comply with Security Requirements


Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) has become a critical aspect of supply chain security and compliance with software security requirements. GitHub, as a leader in the world of software development, has recognized the importance of SBOMs and introduced a new export feature to simplify the process of generating and managing them. This article discusses the significance of SBOMs, the new GitHub export feature, its benefits, and how to use it effectively.

Why SBOMs Matter

SBOMs are crucial in the software supply chain because they provide an inventory of all components within a software product. This transparency helps developers, organizations, and end-users identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure they are using secure and compliant software. In addition, regulatory bodies are increasingly requiring SBOMs as part of their security compliance standards.

GitHub’s New SBOM Export Feature

GitHub has introduced a new export feature that automatically generates an SBOM for any repository. This feature supports CycloneDX and SPDX formats, two of the most widely accepted SBOM standards in the industry. With this functionality, developers can easily produce and export SBOMs in the desired format, streamlining the compliance process.

Benefits of GitHub’s SBOM Export

  1. Simplified Compliance: The automated SBOM generation and export feature make it easier for developers and organizations to comply with security requirements and industry standards.
  2. Greater Transparency: The SBOM provides a clear overview of all components within a software product, fostering trust and collaboration between developers and their customers.
  3. Enhanced Security: The ability to identify and manage software dependencies helps developers and organizations proactively address potential security vulnerabilities.
  4. Efficient Vulnerability Management: With an SBOM in place, developers can easily track and update dependencies, ensuring timely responses to newly discovered vulnerabilities.

How to Use GitHub’s SBOM Export Feature

To generate and export an SBOM using GitHub’s new feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to your GitHub repository.
  2. Click on the “Insights” tab, then select “Dependency Graph.”
  3. Choose the “Export” option to reveal a dropdown menu.
  4. Select your preferred SBOM format (CycloneDX or SPDX) and click “Export.”
  5. Your SBOM will be generated and automatically downloaded to your device.


GitHub’s new SBOM export feature is a game-changer for developers and organizations aiming to comply with security requirements and maintain secure software supply chains. By providing an automated, efficient method for generating and exporting SBOMs, GitHub is helping the software community prioritize security and transparency. As a result, developers can focus on building high-quality software while enjoying the benefits of streamlined security compliance.

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